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Team up With a Leading Chimney Cleaning Company in the Brookfield, CT

Welcome to The Sweep of Seville. We are a leading chimney cleaning company offering various services around the Brookfield, CT, area. With over 25 years of experience cleaning chimneys, you can trust our highly seasoned team of chimney cleaners to provide you with high-quality services and unparalleled customer service. Get ready for the next winter and get your chimney cleaned professionally and efficiently!

We'll Handle the Dirty Work For You

Chimney cleaning is not the average person’s idea of fun. Getting exposed to soot and smoke particles without the proper equipment can be detrimental to your health. Avoid getting dirty inside and out, and allow our experts to provide you with the chimney services you and your home deserves. Besides chimney cleaning, we can also assist you with:


  • Chimney Cleaning & Caps
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Relining
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Chase Pan Replacement
  • Chimney Inspections

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning Today!

Whether you need a chimney lining installation, chimney inspection, or even a dryer vent repair, we’ve got you covered! Our crew at Brookfield, CT, can do it all! Contact us today and call (888) 452-5115 to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your home.

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